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Wanderlust Earrings - Unakite, Shells and Glass Beads

Wanderlust Earrings - Unakite, Shells and Glass Beads

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Introducing our Wanderlust Earrings – a stunning pair of handmade treasures crafted from the unique finds of my travels. These earrings feature cowrie shells, symbolizing prosperity and abundance, paired with delicate shells and iridescent green glass beads that shimmer with a metallic sheen. Adding to their charm are uniquely shaped unakite stone beads, known for their powerful spiritual properties. Unakite is celebrated for its ability to balance emotions, enhance spiritual growth, and promote healing.

Wear these earrings as a beautiful reminder of the world's wonders and the positive energy it holds. Each pair is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring no two are exactly alike – just like your journey. Embrace the spirit of adventure and the blessings of abundance with the Wanderlust Earrings, designed to bring a touch of global charm and spiritual harmony to your style.

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