Rhoda Todoran and Michael Todoran are serial passion chasers. Their eccentric interests and endeavors fulfill a life of wonderment, producing artistic experiences. They fundamentally believe that the variations in their pursuits add texture to their collective style, aptly monikered as 'Happy and Pappy.'

Before becoming known as the artist duo ‘Happy and Pappy,’ Rhoda and Michael indulged a wanderlust spirit as young teenagers by riding tandem on Michael’s custom-painted candy apple red beach cruiser in late 1980s West Los Angeles, CA. Rhoda would perch on the handlebars while Michael pedaled through tree-lined neighborhood streets, often meandering until they arrived shortly before sunset at lifeguard station 27 in Santa Monica.

Michael and Rhoda in Santa Monica Beach circa 1989

After their summer romance in 1989, they shared a departing kiss and a letter as Rhoda and Michael attended different high schools. Although the next couple of years they remained geographically close, their social circles separated. What was constant was their innate interest in self-expression and curiosity about the world. Rhoda focused her attention on art in high school and later pursued a degree in English at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Shortly after, she traveled to Southeast Asia, Europe, and called Australia home for several years. In high school, Michael focused on graffiti writing, and after graduating, he joined the United States Coast Guard (USCG), allowing him to experience the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to Samoa, exploring various atolls and islands. Michael received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada (UNLV), where he committed himself to showcasing and curating fine art.

Twenty years after Rhoda and Michael shared their perceived last kiss, Rhoda found herself back in West Los Angeles, sifting through her childhood memory box. She discovered the letter aforementioned by Michael that ended with the words, “You should go far in life and hopefully I’ll be in the picture somewhere, sometime. If we ever drift… Find Me! And hold on tight.”

Rhoda did find Michael, and since 2009, they have been holding on tight together. More of that story will follow.

Happy and Pappy unapologetically celebrate our vast interests and share our individual, collective, and curated works by others.

We are launching Happy and Pappy with a ‘Pappy’ figurine collectible line called “Dope Chess Pieces.” Our 'Future' page will give you a preview of how Happy and Pappy will unfold.