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Our artists:

Robert Andrade

Robert Andrade explores the values and meaning embedded in structures and symbols within the built environment. He often uses industrial materials and construction methods evocative of urban spaces and various landscape typologies. Andrade is also interested in how humans intervene in the natural world, imposing order and artifice on raw wild life. He works in many different mediums both digital and tangible. This includes sculpture, photography, digital collage, drawing, sound and more recently Landscape Architecture.


Robert Andrade is an artist from National City, California. He’s been practicing for nearly 20 years. Andrade has lived on both coasts and in the Midwest of the United States. In the recent past, he has worked as an Art Preparator, Artist Assistant, Carpenter, Professor and currently as a Landscape Designer.

Marcel "SEL" Blanco

Marcel "SEL" Blanco’s work expresses an introspective reflection that seems to touch people. His pieces are filled with emotion and a sense of individual wonder that easily grabs the eye of the audience, creating a connection that goes beyond the aesthetics. Whether it's a mural, painting, digital print, or installation, the expression in his work is undeniable.


Marcel Blanco, known by the street name SEL, is a Los Angeles-based multifaceted artist best recognized for his paintings and murals that evoke emotion and thought through his use of color, narrative imagery, and movement.

His foundation began in the early ’80s when he started designing flyers and t-shirts for local punk and hardcore bands around Los Angeles. In his quest for new inspiration, he discovered graffiti art and became part of the early L.A. graffiti scene, which led him to join the WCA (West Coast Artists) crew, one of the seminal graffiti crews in Los Angeles. He then re-focused and aimed his creativity at computer graphics and art direction in the music and entertainment industries, working on packaging and marketing material for indie and major record labels.

Vivien Ebright Chung

Vivien Ebright Chung is a painter and curator living in Los Angeles. Her work delves into the recesses of the human psyche and the innermost conflict between the animal and divine selves. The natural world acts as a foil to the upending impulses of desire, while humor and vibrant color provide sensory delights and reflections on art history.


Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. She holds a BFA from California College of the Arts (2003). She is an Associate Director at False Cast Gallery, Los Angeles.

Sam Davis

Sam Davis creates images that reference his love of family history (his father had once been a participant in an atomic test during the 1950’s, while other family members worked on the first submarines during the civil war) coupled with a playful curiosity of popular and kitsch culture. His images combine obscure technology, science fiction and childhood fantasy to call into question notions regarding memory, nostalgia, imagination and pulp/cyber folklore. Davis creates images that he hopes will cause the viewer to pause and question while at the same time provide a pathway for the viewer into another frame of thought-to proactively imagine.


Originally from Pensacola, FL, Sam Davis received his BFA from the University of Florida in Creative Photography and an MFA in Photography and Sculpture from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. When Sam Davis is not chasing U.F.O's, he is teaching alternative process and analog photography as Assistant Professor of Photography at Southern Utah University.

Derek "SNIPT" Douglas

Derek Douglas, known professionally as SNIPT, is a Las Vegas-born artist who has been creating pop culture mashups since 2012. The works of SNIPT attempt to visually appeal to the casual viewer while offering social commentary that tends to spark lively conversations. His unique works typically contain multiple layers that include hand collaged backgrounds, painted and stenciled elements, and a central image that is generally a composition of dozens of images that have been juxtaposed. The final result is a piece that looks familiar to the viewer, but is ultimately an image that has never previously existed. A SNIPT piece is the visual equivalent of a remixed, metaphor-heavy hip hop song.


Derek Douglas, known professionally as SNIPT, is a Las Vegas-based artist who has become best known for creating mixed-media Pop Art mashups. Having showcased his artwork across the United States since 2013, the body of work created by SNIPT has included mural installations for corporate clients, convention exhibits, interactive music festival installations, and inclusion in several gallery exhibits in both solo and group formats.

Ivy Morrison

Ivy Morrison first fell in love with the art of dyeing as a young girl when it was introduced by one of her mother’s friends on a camping trip. From then on, her love for creating wearable art grew and grew. However, it wasn't until the birth of her daughter that she found herself called to it. Fed up with trying to remove frozen blueberry stains, Ivy decided to dye all the stained items herself. She started receiving not only compliments but also requests for commissions, and the rest is history. Ivy’s work is primarily inspired by crystals, space, nature, music, fashion, art, and her eclectic childhood. When it comes to dye, Ivy is most drawn to the science and mystery behind ice and snow dyeing, in which the combined pigments within various shades of dye are separated, refracted, and imprinted onto the fabric in unexpected and magical ways.


Ivy Morrison is a dye artist currently living in Minneapolis, MN after living in Los Angeles for 10 years. Over the last twenty-two years, she has pursued many creative endeavors, such as being a professional dancer, choreographer, and birth worker. Her long-time interest in color theory and love for fashion perfectly came together when she started dyeing and, once again, evolved as an artist.


The “Black Book" for graffiti is where OPYEM develops his pieces by sketching his thoughts and experimenting with varying typography styles and colors. The manifestation of these sketches are colorful graffiti pieces throughout Los Angeles. But before the work is seen by motorists and pedestrians, it is resolved in the Black Books. This series intentionally crops the scanned marker work to show an exaggerated close-up of his pieces in development. digital. NFTs allow an audience to see and own the expression of markers that bleed, typography ligatures, and a representation of the texture of paper.


OPYEM is a native Angeleno graffiti artist who chooses to remain anonymous.

Zak Ostrowski

Zak Ostrowski’s artwork explores balancing unbridled creative work influenced by stream of consciousness flows that compliment forms and environments as seen through urban and naturalist landscape vignettes. The art works are inherently site specific at varying scales and often experiment with diverse materiality exploring deconstruction and reconstruction which can be seen through his sculptural work, public art, and architecture projects.


Zak Ostrowski is multidisciplinary artist and designer with a diverse range of built Public Art Installations and Sculptures along with multiple built Architecture and Interior Design projects (as a Partner at PUNCH Architecture) throughout the country. His background is in Architecture, Art, Construction, Design, Fabrication, and Writing. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Art from the University of New Mexico (2002) and a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (2007). Originally born in Santa Clara, CA, Zak spent his formative years in Albuquerque, NM and as an adult has lived throughout the United States; both Coasts, the Southwest, and the Coastal Panhandle. He currently splits time between Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and NYC.

Khalil Robinson

Khalil Robinson uses photography as his own little magic trick to stop time. He has always known that we have a short period of life on this earth and he believes photos are a way to freeze those fleeting moments forever. He uses photography as a way to capture views of our world that can be appreciated at any time, anywhere.

The artwork in this project represents Khalil’s love for the elements of nature, weather and light.

Throughout my years making images Khalil has found the hardest part of photography was how to correctly represent what he saw in that moment onto a framed paper, canvas, wallpaper or screen. The act of preserving a feeling is near impossible but that is exactly why he takes photographs. It’s the reason his work is so important to him and he will forever strive to bring forth the feelings he had while creating these images.


As a California based photographer, Khalil has spent the majority of his life up and down the iconic coastline, only recently turning his lens back toward his first love, the Pacific Ocean.

Many years as a Product, Interior and Exterior Design photographer has allowed his free time to become important, letting play and daydream spill into his images while away on beach trips.

He has married his two loves, photography and the ocean, into images that bring the dreamy feelings that allow you to move throughout them with a feeling of imagination and bliss.

Challenging the boundaries of traditional imagery and instead allowing for play and wonder, Khalil sends the viewer into the story, careful not to tell it for them.


Rhoda Lazo Todoran, a.k.a. metaphoRmula, is a multi-media artist, often working with digital and found object collage pieces, which she weaves with poetry and prose and utilizes her energy healing practices. In this collection, Rhoda uses her intuitive nature as an energy practitioner to tune into the model’s aura to create portraits of auric fields in bloom.


Rhoda Lazo Todoran has had varied life experiences and adventures that have allowed her to develop herself in multifaceted ways: as a breathwork facilitator, a reiki practitioner, a community space holder, a published writer, an artist, a podcaster, and most fulfilling of all, a mama and happy wife who loves making things, telling stories, traveling, exploring nature, and generally finding beauty and magic everywhere in daily life with her little family and friends made and nurtured along the way.

Sean Slattery

This group of NFTs is a subseries of Sean Slattery’s ongoing Landscape series, a visual and conceptual exploration of landscape and nature that comprises physical works like paintings, prints, and digital works. With the internet allowing us to visit nature through mapped terrain, stranger's photos, and other methods, our first-hand experience of landscape and nature has shifted. These images are made with the help of online drawing tutorials and a dash of pareidolia.


Sean Slattery makes paintings, drawings, and other art IRL and with digital tools. He makes multiple bodies of work, mostly open-ended. Sean teaches art at UNLV. See more of his work at

Michael Todoran

The jiu-jitsu chess pieces by Michael Todoran combine Michael’s obsessions with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and chess. Each chess character began with the intention of embodying the spirit of warriors. In traditional chess sets, the only female is the Queen. Michael’s Bishop piece is the second female in chess to demonstrate that women have always played a significant role helping in both defensive and offensive roles on the battlefield. The original concepts for the chess sets began with pencil sketches and exploration of the design in clay and other mediums. Ultimately, the pieces began to awaken with character once the digital 3D modeling was utilized. The details, such as the cauliflower ears on the pawns and castles, are demonstrated and expressed by being able to sculpt with the precision and fluidity that 3D modeling allows.


Michael Todoran is a practicing landscape architect and fine artist. As a landscape architect, he has worked in small, mid-size, and global landscape architecture firms. As an artist, Michael has exhibited his work in group and solo exhibitions since 1999. The roles of gallerist and curator are a natural progression given Michael’s adept entrepreneurial ability and love for bringing people together.

Anna Tillet

My current work is an ongoing series of anthropomorphic food and fauna inspired by pop culture and nostalgia. Each deadpan dessert, ill-humored ice cream, or sour-faced sweet references cult film, television, or the universal experience of the adolescent awkward phase. I never left my awkward phase.


Anna Tillett holds a B.F.A. in Illustration from Memphis College of Art. You can currently find her illustrating her next goofy idea and eating all the pizza in the Beehive State of Utah.

Tillett's work has been licensed for use as set decor on the ABC Family Movie "The Mistle-tones", Disney's T.V. series "Andi Mack" and Disney's T.V. series "Homeroom", as well as spotted in episode 4 of the HGTV show Emily Henderson's "Secrets From a Stylist". You can currently find her work in stores and galleries such as Signed and Numbered of Salt Lake City, Tin Top of Winchester, VA, Stranger Factory of Albuquerque, NM, Sassysquatch tees at, and her original paintings represented through Graphite Galleries of New Orleans, Gallery1988 of Los Angeles, and Spoke Art Gallery of New York.

Clients and works in print include: Markwin's International, Honda, Threadless, Nie Studio, Viva Pops, The Imagineering Company of San Francisco, Chefables, Delicious Decadence Granola, La Ranchita's, Pop Elation, SnoCal Shaved Ice, Bonelli's Cafe Italia, Bank Tennessee, Alternatives Unlimited, piece selected for print in the book 99.1% Pure: The Breaking Bad Artbook published August 2021, piece selected for print in the book My Neighbor Hayao: Art Inspired by the Films of Miyazaki published 2020, artist feature in the Society6 Quarterly No. 3.2 published 2018, artist feature in the book Sweet and Bizarre by Monsa Publications 2017, Art credit in Better Homes and Garden magazine July 2015 issue, illustrator for the 2013 children's book Hoover the Talking Seal, illustrator for the 2012 children's book Paul the Red-Billed Puffin, illustrator for the 2011 children's book Colleen the Chameleon, illustrator for the children's iStory book Holler for the Dollar, and "12 Dancing Princesses with Two Left Feet" selected for print in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 43.